Rosalie R. Hamilton

1242 Forrest Hill Dr

Clearwater, Florida 33755


rosalie-7-23-05A very special person—that’s about the sum of it regarding Kay Proctor.  As a friend, a citizen, a worker, she’s one of the very best.

I have known Kay since 1985, and we have shared family, church activities, business activities, friendship, and employment.  Her intelligence is superior, her caring and dedication to her commitments are unquestioned, and she truly excels as a sales professional.  When I joined a sales team where Kay worked, I had been a sales representative and sales manager for many years, and I learned from Kay.  Not only does she know the sales process and have the skills, but also her personality and people skills put her ahead of the vast majority of sales professionals in communicating with prospects and building the rapport that results in success.

Feel free to contact me for more information or specifics about Kay’s capabilities and contributions to group goals.


Rosalie Hamilton

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Daniel & Laura Bezden

The Studio Kitchen

2111 Sam Bass Rd #1600

Round Rock, TX 78681-1826


Kay Proctor has worked with me on various marketing endeavors over the last few years.  Laura_Daniel_Bezden

This may be a very simple view of the matter, but the fact is, the effective marketing person is the one who can provide the push to get the word out – against all opposition to do so.

It’s been said that the marketing department in most organizations is the most suppressed department there is. People find fault with the marketing department in ways that they may not with any other division in an organization. So, notwithstanding all the creative know-how that exist in the field of marketing, my experience has shown that the effective marketing person is actually the one that can provide enough push to get the word out (no matter the amount of push back, to not get it out).

My experience with Kay Proctor is that she absolutely has the horsepower to get the job done. I have never seen anyone who can so effectively get behind a project or a campaign and actually muster the push required to get it done. It is a rare quality.

Kay has high standards as a consumer. She knows what people want and what they don’t want. She understands the basics of marketing and she is not afraid to do anything.  She has done it all. I have witnessed her compile her own data list when she found she could not buy a good one. I have seen her make sales calls when it was called for. I have seen her coach others, effectively teaching them what she knows. But most of all, I have seen her grasp what needs to be done and then get it done with a level of efficiency that is absolutely wonderful to behold. Nothing gets in her way. She is a rare find.

The world needs many more people like Kay Proctor. She is truly a leader and she is a lot of fun to work with.

We wish her the very best of success.

Daniel and Laura Bezden

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Brenda Spencer

5917 Gold Nugget Way

Roseville, CA  95747


Brenda Spencer

I would like to extend my highest personal and professional recommendation regarding  Kay Proctor.  I have been fortunate to know Kay as a business teammate and also as a personal friend.  Our relationship spans more than 20 years.

Throughout the years and in each capacity Kay has consistently shown her responsibility and personal integrity.  She is a trusted friend and can be depended upon to lend her support and to keep the communication lines open and flowing at all times.

In a business capacity, Kay and I worked together in a fast-paced, production-driven sales environment.  Often the hours were long and the demands were high.  Her personal sales contributed to meeting outstanding levels of production for our industry.  She was known for her tenacity and for her creativity on her job.  She was highly service-minded and was much loved and respected by her clients as the professional she is.  She created and maintained a large client database and maintained a high percentage of re-signs.  That stability provided a platform for the expansion of the company.

Throughout the years of our relationship, whether we lived close-by or far away, I knew I could count upon Kay if I needed someone to talk to, someone with whom to share a confidence or someone to lend a hand.  I appreciate her sense of humor, the directness of her nature and her ability to express her opinion so openly and candidly.  We have shared many a laugh!

I wish her success in any future endeavor she pursues.


Brenda Spencer


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