24974_381622416029_82992191029_3670216_7539074_sSo many have compared Kay to the late Ann Richards, the second female governor of the great state of Texas that it has caught on. Kay is becoming the “governor” of the world of business expansion.

She is just as edgy and has a similar persona as Ann Richards. A bit brassy and unpolished at times, though no one could disagree that she is animated and full of life. Her southern charm quickly becomes addictive, while tempered with a highly competitive, winning spirit.

She has high expectations for herself and brings that same standard to those businesses she helps. Whether you are in start-up mode, have an existing business that is struggling, or you want to kick it up to the next level, Kay brings incredible insight and perceptions to the table, delivered with humor and a great work ethic.

Her ability to create a strategy is unmatched. She is honest and open in all her communications. There are no negative consequences, just challenges left unvoiced. That level of care is unheard of in today’s marketplace and is extremely refreshing.

She is an asset to have on your team. Her mantra is to infuse life into everything she touches. And she does.

She is the consummate business executive, capable of high sales volumes, impeccable organization and strategy — just about everything you’d need to make businesses grow.